Remote control pop-up shop

The second in a series of creative pop-up shops held in Harajuku, Tokyo, bringing our online shop to the streets.

Watch the short film here.

Product Description

A tiny, remote control shop selling real boy push pins.



With only 100 of the 1000 limited edition packs of two Real Boy push pins remaining, a special pop-up shop was created to celebrate reaching pack number 900. To build upon their uniqueness, and small size, I wanted to build a tiny shop that held and displayed only a single pack of pins. The shop was also mobile, and movable via remote control, further adding to the designs sense of surprise and playfulness, as well as insuring the minimal design would still be noticed.
My first pop-up shop appeared on the same street the year before, in a tree!Construction
A mainly card structure build around a small remote control toy car, which I was given as a birthday present.More…
Like this? Check out my Pop-Up-A-Tree Shop!I’m planning to design more pop-up shops in the future, both for myself and for clients. Be first to hear about them by ‘like’ing on facebookfollowing on twitter, and signing-up to my email newsletter.

Remote control pop-up shop