Animated Card Cases

A card case that uses an optical illusion to animate or say “nice to meet you” as you open it.

Add a touch of magic to meeting new people.

Product Description

As you slide the stainless steel cover from the plastic case to open it, either the words “NICE, TO, MEET, YOU” are revealed one-by-one, or a simple animation is displayed which we’ve named “ORBIT”.

You can then access your cards from the uncovered, open end of the case, and exchange cards and smiles with the other person.

Working with some of the finest engineers in the world, in a country renowned for it’s work pride and attention to detail, we’re happy to say this high-quality product is entirely MADE IN JAPAN.

Each case comes in a simple, neat package, and makes a great gift.

Whether you’re a fresh graduate starting your career, an experienced professional, or an avid networker, Nice To Meet You Card Case will help you make a great first impression at business and social occasions.

Outer dimensions : 97mm x 65mm x 9mm

Internal dimensions (space for cards) : 93mm x 57mm x 5mm

Case material : Matt ABS (white or black)

Cover material : Stainless steel (black or natural)

Animated graphic : Screenprinted (black or metallic silver)

Packaging materials : Kraft board tray with white card sleeve (matt PP laminated with silver foil-blocked logo)

Packaging dimensions : 125mm x 94mm x 10mm

The animation effect : This style of bar-animation relies on “persistence of vision”. In this specific case, four “frames” are split and compiled into a single graphic. The cover masks 3 of the four frames and only displays one frame-set at any one time, via the linear holes that are cut into it. Slide the case open and each frame is displayed one after the other.

AKA/Hashtag : #NiceCardCase

Animated Card Cases

£30.00 each
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