Recent Press

Since the studio started, we’ve received some tremendous press. Although we try to share this as it happens on facebook & twitter, we only mention it once, as we don’t like to bombard our followers repeatedly with the same content. We like to keep our social media neat and polite, that’s our policy.

So, in this news article, we’re gathering together a few bit’s of press we are particularly proud of:

Eat and Travel Weekly (飲食男友), Hong Kong, Rainbow Pencils & Real Boy Pins
Business Punk, Germany, Real Boy Pins (full page spread!)
Le Nurb, United Kingdom, A’Design Award Win (Real Boy Pins & Studio)
Telegraph Magazine “Design notebook by David Nicholls”, United Kingdom, Real Boy Pins
CasaViva, Italy, Real Boy Pins
Los Logos 6, Germany, Logo for Kaboomi Studio
Sunday Mail, United Kingdom (Scotland), Nessie Pins
Family Living, Sweden, Real Boy Pins
Stationery Trends, United States, Real Boy Pins
Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazine “Kosmos”, Germany, Nessie Pins
Brunel University “Express”, United Kingdom, A’Design Award Win (Real Boy Pins & Studio)
SportWeek, Italy, Real Boy Pins
Arts Illustrated, India, Real Boy Pins
SportWeek, Italy, Plate-Plate
Mart, Japan, Rainbow Pencils
WGN TV, United States, Plate-Plate
Nido, Germany, Rainbow Pencils
Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazine “Kosmos”, Germany, Rainbow Pencils
Popl’art, France, Tape Dispenser
Marie Claire, Italy, Plate Plate
Arts Illustrated, India, Tape Dispenser
ELLE girl, Japan, Rainbow Pencils & Tape Dispenser
Brunel University “Express”, United Kingdom, Rainbow Pencils (Kickstarter)

We run a small operation, so we love it when anyone talks about and shares our work, from the seemingly small retweet on twitter, to a full interview, it’s all really appreciated. So if you’ve got a great blog, magazine, newspaper or TV show, or can put us in touch with a someone that has, please get in touch!