Pop-up a tree shop

My first pop-up shop, in a tree in Harajuku, Tokyo, took my online shop to the physical world.

Product Description


I’d wanted to have a physical retail space for a long time, but a traditional shop would have been an expensive, time consuming gamble, which is why the pop-up concept appealed. One day whilst walking through cat street in Harajuku, I found a perfect tree at the end of a row of shops which immediately sparked the idea. A couple of days later I’d set up the worlds first “pop-up a tree shop” with my products daggling from the branches.

I sat in the tree and used a little wooden tray on a pulley to winch money up and products down. I exhibited and sold my cloud keyholderreal boy pins and nessie pins and had a toy fishing rod to do business card exchange.

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I’m planning to design more pop-up shops in the future, both for myself and for clients. Be first to hear about them by ‘like’ing on facebook , following on twitter and Instagram.

Pop-up a tree shop