Tape Dispenser

A sticky tape dispenser in the form of the iconic tape cassette.

Technology moves on, but some old tech can continue to fill us with nostalgic happiness!

Product Description

1 x tape included
Holds standard small-core tape (19mm x 33mm)
Tape easily replaceable (just pull two halves apart)

Non-Slip Rubber (Main body)
Stainless Steel (cutter)

140 x 37 x 90mm

The cutting edge is quite sharp, please be careful.

When digital music and MP3 players became standard, so did the cassette tape’s place in retro & vintage culture.

I conceptualised & developed this product whilst working in-house for London based design studio j-me. This became the first product that I designed for mass-manufacture and has been a huge commercial success.

In April 2012, the tape was featured on TV in the long-running British television soap opera “Hollyoaks”

After being discontinued by j-me in 2021, it was licenced to suck-uk and relaunched in 2022!

Gift of the year 2008 – highly commended.

Tape Dispenser

£15.00 each
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