Pool Glass

A miniature swimming pool drinking glass : kickstarter.com/projects/duncanshotton/pool-glass

This project will only become a reality if we reach our target of £25,000 on kickstarter by 8th of July.

Product Description

A minimal design with a little touch of lovelyness, to give you the positive feeling that comes with summertime, all year round.

A frosted area around the glass creates the pool “wall”, and a gold ladder appears to wrap over it. A blue circle is printed on the bottom, which then gently fades up into the frosted wall as a halftone gradient. As a final detail, a reversed-out depth gauge runs up the edge of the frosted wall.

Expertly made and decorated in Japan, each glass is decorated with six sets of decals before firing in a kiln, which bonds them to the glass.

The boxes are constructed from premium E-flute cardboard, made locally in Bristol, UK. The design is simple, neat and easy to wrap, making a great gift! ^^

75mm diameter, 81mm high, 220g, hand wash only. (In box = 90 x 71 x 86mm, 256g).

Pool Glass