Spinning (desk)top

A spinning top inspired by Apple’s macOS spinning wait cursor.
In contrast to the frustration felt by waiting for digital technology, spinning and watching Spinning (desk)top is a playful and enjoyable experience.

Take a break from your digital world… Play in wait.

• Made in England
• Precision turned from solid brass and finished with polished enamel
• Excellent companion to any office desk of home office space

Product Description

A design that blends digital and physical interfaces.

Too many chrome tabs open? Loading a megafile? Computer fans going into overdrive?
Don’t panic! Sit back and give your spinning top a spin on your desktop. By the time it’s finished your computer’s desktop should be too!

Inspired by Apple’s macOS spinning wait cursor, also known as the beach-ball, wheel of death, pinwheel, disk of doom and the spinning pizza of death; the “SPOD”.

Supplied “flat pack” in three pieces, simply slot the Rainbow Spinner inside the base, then screw on the spindle.

Want to gift some for the whole office? Get in touch if you’re interested in ordering a batch of 30 or more tops.

Brass develops a natural tarnish over time from air exposure and oils in your skin. Some people embrace the patina, others prefer to occasionally clean the brass to keep it nice and shiney! There are many options for cleaning from regular ol’ ketchup (coat and leave for 30 minutes, wipe and rinse) to specialist brass cleaning solutions.

The bottom of the top has a rounded point. It’s not a “spike”, but please spin on a sensible surface to avoid damage to the surface.

• Made in England
• ~5 minutes spin time (maxed 6.5 minutes on glass so far!)
• Assembled size/weight : 34mm x 34mm x 28mm, 38g
• Boxed size/weight : 77mm x 75mm x 18mm, 72g
• Spindle and top-body : Solid brass (some material removed for improved weight distribution, balancing and spin-time.)
• Rainbow Spinner insert : Nickel with polished enamel and metallic gold-colour electroplating.

• Matchbox-style solid paper-over-board tray and cover construction.
• Hot-foiled logo on front face. Label on reverse.
• Custom insert made from kraft-lined, corrugated card.

Spinning (desk)top

£48.00 each
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