Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s a shoehorn!

Use shoeperhero’s cape to help you slip your shoes on easy peasy! Available in Black version only (Red sold out and discontinued).

Product Description

The cloud base holds the shoehorn in an upright, easy to reach position. So, as if frozen in time, shoeperhero appears to have burst out from a dust cloud, jetting into the air to rescue his next maiden in distress or perhaps he’s just late for work…

Shoeperhero will sit proudly at the entrance of your home, and his cute proportions mean he’ll be just as at home in a modern, minimalist apartment as he would in a colourful pop house.
The cloud is made from white ‘dolomite’ (that’s the same ceramic as piggy banks!) and has a gloss finish that makes it easy to clean as well as totally badass. There’s 3 little rubber feet on the bottom so it won’t damage wooden or tiled floors either. Awesome.

Shoehorns are incredibly useful (everyday as long as you leave the house!). But most shoehorn designs are ugly and dull. Thank goodness shoeperhero has turned up to save the day!

Colour Types
“Black” – Grey body, yellow belt and badge, black badge surround, pants and boots.
“Red” – Blue body, yellow belt and badge surround, red badge, pants and boots. – SOLD OUT FOREVER

Launched at the Tokyo Gift Show, in the Active Creators area, Booth 4301.

Designed in collaboration with EntreX inc. & OOKY
CAD development by Rupert Warries
Photography by Kaboomi Studio

ABS Plastic (shoehorn)
Dolomite Ceramic (cloud)

Size / Weight
440mm x 46mm x 12mm (shoehorn)
135mm x 135mm x 50mm (cloud)
462mm x 145mm x 77mm / 861g (box)

Contains small parts. Not meant for children.


£39.00 each
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See yah later little guy! #SHOEperhero #FlyingToCanada #StructuralPackaging #shoehorn

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