The sew-wots were a limited edition collection of 26 handmade designer plush monsters, each representing a letter of the roman alphabet.

Each came in a presentation box, along with their own printed ID card, quoting their name (A-Z), lucky item, favourite element, strange habit, occupation and mission. There’s only one of each design in existence and they’re sold out.

Product Description

All of these cute, lovable monsters has their own individual character, from geeky to crazy, wise to silly. Each have had 7-8 hours of design and making time invested in them and no two are the same, making them totally unique.

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Felt, plush stuffing, buttons and sequins (monsters)
Polypropylene (presentation box)
Card (ID)


Average height of 55mm (monsters)
95 x 60 x 35 mm (presentation box)


The monsters are not toys, but pieces of designer-art. They contain small parts and are not meant for children.