Revive digital UX

Graphic user-interface design for Kinneir Dufort’s REVIVE concept smartphone. Shows how the use of character can create an emotional connection with people and therefore extend the products lifespan.

Product Description

The REVIVE concept smartphone aims to provide people with the latest technology by upgrading and re-manufacturing their existing hardware. It uses materials that become more beautiful with age and a membership scheme that rewards users who keep their product for longer.

As part of the team at international design consultancy kinneir dufort, I was briefed and given the responsibility to design the graphic user interface (GUI) of the phone.
Although in principle I was only required to demonstrate how an onboard diagnostics system might work, I wanted to make the digital interface just as important to the concept and brand as the rest of the phone.
My belief is that even if a product and accompanying system is designed to be functionally sustainable, people will still be attracted to the concept of something that is ‘brand new’.
I believe the key to designing long lasting products, above function, is to make people become emotionally attached to them. I used the REVIVE GUI to show how this might be done using a character hosted menu system.

Concept Animation

Every frame drawn in Adobe Illustrator and animated entirely in PhotoShop.

User interface concept : fullscreen / on vimeo
Diagnostics concept : fullscreen / on vimeo


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Revive digital UX