Real-Boy Pins

Real Boy – Black Edition (200 Limited) – now available to buy here

1000 x limited-edition packs of two Pinocchio-inspired push pins, moulded in the UK (in white), then handpainted to exquisite detail in Tokyo.
Each pack has it’s own serial number.

It’s just as well these little guys lie so much, because it means you can use their noses to decorate your walls and hold your stuff to corkboards.

Product Description

Sold Out

All 1000 limited edition “double red”, and all 7 “single “gold” packs of Real Boy Pins are sold out. Thanks to everyone that bought them and made this project possible!

Real Boy “GOLD”

After finding 7 spare unpainted boys during a studio clear out, Duncan decided to paint and assemble 7 super-limited edition Real Boy “Golds”. Their bodies are hand-painted with Tamiya “gold leaf”* enamel paint in Tokyo by Duncan, and the standard brown hats are lacquered in black. Each one has a unique serial number on the package. They are not real gold.


Platinum A’design Award winner (2012 – 2013) more info


The boys were exhibited to the public for the first time at Designboom mart, as part of Tokyo Designers Week 2012 and are now sold exclusively online.


You can find photo’s documenting the making process of Real Boys on the studio’s facebook page (give the page a like while you’re there!).

You can also watch the short film fullscreen or on vimeo.

Nickel-plated steel pins are over-moulded in white ABS by a specialist low-volume injection moulding company in Cornwall, UK (tooling cut and polished from brass.)

Once the raw moldings arrive in Tokyo the faint ‘witness-lines’ are removed, with the edge of a scalpel. They’re then brush painted by hand, using enamel paints, and finished with a semi-gloss, clear top-coat. Packaged in high-quality acrylic boxes, made in Japan and presented inside the box using push-fit cork (cut to blocks in-house, by jig & knife). Paper labels and thank you notes are cut in-house from sheet, then individually numbered and signed by hand. These are no doubt the most finely crafted thumb tacks that have ever existed.


ABS plastic (body), Nickel-plated Steel (Pin), Tamiya Enamel (paint), Cork, Acrylic (boxes), Paper (label)


31mm x 10mm x 7mm (pins)
29mm x 44mm x 15mm (pack)


Small and sharp. Not meant for children.

Real-Boy Pins

7 x super limited Real Boy GOLD ✨✨✨ ? #DuncanShotton #ダンカンショットン

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