Onigiri coin purse

A triple pocket purse in the shape of your favourite Japanese snack.

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Product Description

Each purse has three independent, zipped pockets. On two sides, shallow pockets allow for quick and easy access to coins, and on the bottom, there’s a central, bigger pocket to store larger items. These hold’em-alls are great for everyday and especially for traveling, letting you organise and separate multiple currencies with ease. Here’s a few things we like to keep in ours ; different coin types, national / foreign currency, medicine, earbuds, suitcase keys, emergency chewing gum, jewellery, usb stick, SD card, ticket stubs, sweets, loose buttons, knick knacks, bits & bobs and (most importantly)… lucky charms!

There’s a metal ring on one side so you can attach to your person, bag, keys, jeans etc…
The position of the nori and the ring subtly remind you which pocket is which.

Usually translated to “rice ball”, an onigiri is a white-rice based staple Japanese snack typically made in a triangular shape with “nori” (seaweed) wrapped around it making it easier to hold. Our design specifies materials to complement those of the humble snack :

Main : white 600 denier “rice texture” polyester
Black patch : black “seaweed” Tyvek™*
Inner pockets : “salmon” orange nylon
Zips : white “YKK vislon” type
D Ring : nickel plated iron
D Ring anchor : white polyester

* Tyvek™ is a flashspun material made from high-density polyethylene fibers, developed and trademarked by Dupont (USA). It looks like paper (and nori!), but is durable, difficult to tear and (liquid) waterproof.

Size & Weight
Square dimensions : 100mm x 110mm x 15mm
Side length : 110mm
Weight : 22g

Country of manufacture
Made in Japan

In collaboration with EYL
Each purse is handmade in Japan (in Tokyo!) by Ikemoto “Ike-san” Susumu, the designer-maker behind the triange coin purse brand E.Y.L (Enjoy Your Life).
We became friends whilst exhibiting alongside each other at the 2014 designboom mart, during Tokyo Design Week. Following our recent collaboration with another fellow exhibitor “Qizhi” to create our Concrete Moon Pins, we decided to collab’ with Ike’san too! ^^

Handwashable in luke warm water.

Onigiri coin purse

£22.00 each
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