McDonalds Instagram

Commissioned by McDonald’s Japan, I created two sets of three creative posts to launch their brand new instagram feed with a bang. Watch the full suite of my instagram : @_dshott

Product Description

For the first set, I took inspiration from the various textures of McDonalds food. I used combinations of paper, double-sided tape and pre-perforations to construct multi-layered paper models which when ripped open, revealed a graphic representation of a burger, a pack of fries or a soft-serve ice-cream, with the torn-edges illustrating the textured element.

The second set built on the well-known concept of the “Drive thru”, and again using cut-paper props, I created three stop-motion animations depicting what a Swim-thru, a Fly-thru and a Hover-thru might look like!

The brief was very loose. The content just had to be ‘creative’ and relatable to the brand in some way.

It was a great achievement to collaborate with such a well known brand and to be asked to create a few ‘signature’ creations.

McDonalds Instagram

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