KD app

Kinneir Dufort is a design consultancy in Bristol, UK. Whilst working in-house for them, I lead the design of their own iPhone app.

Product Description

Our small project team was briefed to communicate Kinneir Dufort’s brand, full range of expertise and diverse range of case studies in a simple, fun and browsable mobile application.

The result comes in the form of a unique ‘card deck’ navigation system & simple two-tier hierarchy:
Browsing level : Friendly illustration/animation style, based on KD ‘minis’ (see below) to encourage playful browsing of about, expertise and case study sections.
Detail level : Serious photography and layout style to reflect and compliment KD’s other marketing materials already defined by the graphics team, re-formatted for a small screen size.

Twitter integration to allow the news feed to be updated remotely.

KD app is no longer available.


I started working at KD after graduating from university in 2008. Historically, their core client base comes from the medical and scientific industries. At the time I joined, their branding consisted of muted colours and hard photography, which reflected the serious, professional work they do. However, there was also a warmth and friendliness inside the company and in the way that KD people conduct their projects with clients. I wanted to express this part of the company visually, so set upon creating ‘minis’ of everyone in the company.
The minis are now used to add a touch of friendly character to the Website, the KD buildings, Christmas cards and of course the KD iPhone app.

KD app