Project Hopscotch

Public space art project. Temporary installation of hopscotch courses, in-line with public footfall.

Product Description


Hopscotch is a traditionally played by children in schools, parks and other recreational spaces. Although the exact style and pattern varies around the world, the general form is widely recognised by children and adults alike, and is associated with the idea of play and feeling of happiness.
This project, as well as creating simple but striking impressions within urban and suburban landscapes, was about finding out how people would react when these graphics, which are not physically-intrusive, were placed in-line with their planned walking route.

Netherlands, Amsterdam, Queens Day
England, London, Brick Lane
England, Brighton, Pier
England, London, Hungerford Bridge
South Korea, Seoul, Ewha University (2)
South Korea, Seoul, Daehyeon
England, London, Southbank (stopped by security)
England, London, Southbank (2)
Wales, Tenby, Harbour
Japan, Tokyo, Kichijoji
Japan, Tokyo, Shibuya
England, London, Hackney Wick
Spain, Ibiza, Waterfront (no images due to camera theft in Italy)

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Neil, Stan, Nozomi, Dad, Luke, Tessa, George, Callum, On-location hopscotchers, Jimmenysquiggles

White duct-tape

Project Hopscotch