Goldfish Coasters

a set of six round coasters that create a small fishbowl with lily pads, and goldfish at different depths. Each glass disc has a frosted rim on their top side and printing on the bottom.

Two extra coasters that can be stacked underneath feature Japanese maple leaves and cherry blossom petals. They can replace the lily pad layer through the changing seasons.

One-off set produced in response to the re-assemble brief set by Yamaha Design Studio London and keechdesign.

Product Description

A collaborative and conceptual design challenge, re-assemble brings together eight UK based creative designers / studios from different fields and backgrounds.

The challenge was to re-imagine ‘building blocks’, adding new experience values and bringing a unique and personal approach from each of the designers. Aimed to be a collaborative and engaging exploration into how we can still extract meaning and delight from even the most simple ‘childlike’ objects.

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The method of creating 3D imagery with 2D images on glass sheets is not new. Check out work by artist’s Xia Xiaowan & Leandro Erlich. 2D profiles stacked together layer by layer to become a 3D shape is the basis of how many 3D printers work too.

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Goldfish Coasters