Full-Fat Doorstop

As more and more of our grocery shopping is converged into the weekly trip to the supermarket, the longevity of the humble milkman dwindles.

Milk delivery conjures a pleasant sense of nostalgia for many of us. The gentle hum of the milk float, the “clink” of the glass as bottles rattle in their cage and the feeling of localism and community that is largely lost in today’s society.

Delivery services still exist, but many have been forced to use plastic bottles in order to stay competitive with the supermarkets.

Where better to preserve the existence of the classic glass milk bottle design than by our doors as a functional doorstop?

Reinforced foil top to prevent “poke damage”

Product Description


Genuine glass milk bottle, white resin, steel (internal, hidden weight) Transparent Polyurethane (non-slip disc on base).


1.2 kg

Full-Fat Doorstop