Digimech Clock

An electromechanical clock that displays time using a seven-segment interface, more typically seen in digital displays.
The vertical sliders display numbers in negative, making sense only when shifted into perfect alignment with the black ‘display box’.

The the short demo film should start playing below automatically.

Product Description

The clock displays the current time clearly and conventionally, whilst providing viewers with a sense of mystery and intrigue between minutes, and theatre as the time changes. The fully functioning prototype uses 3 servos, coupled with intricate mechanics, and is regulated using a PIC microcontroller.

I conceptualised the clock and used my knowledge of design, mechanics, electronics, programming and prototyping to build it.

Described as “the modern grandfather clock”, the clock’s film has been watched more than 50,000 times online and was exhibited behind glass at the 2008 Paris motor show on the MINI stand.

Watch the short film fullscreen, on vimeo or on youtube.

Production process

Laser cutting, CNC machining and hand finishing.


Black acrylic (main housing)
Clear Acrylic (mechanics)
White and Clear Acrylic (sliders)
Steel (counter-weights)
Nylon/Brass (rack and pinion)


262mm x 2000mm x 63mm (at maximum height)

Digimech Clock