One-off design and production of ‘Denzel’, an exclusive character toy and packaging for

Product Description

Los Angeles trend blog is one of my favourites. But I knew that alone, the REVIVE user interface concept video didn’t have much chance of being featured, as most of the blog’s content is self-generated (mostly original photography of physical objects.)
So in my spare time, I brought Denzel from the 2D interface into 3D CAD, then into the physical world via 3D printing and rapid prototyping techniques.
I sent the revive ambassador, along with one-off packaging, letter and delivery box to notcots HQ, where he was eventually photographed on top of a brand new Bentley.
The photographs made the blog along with accompanying detail about the revive project, spurring another wave of interest into the project as a whole.

Denzel is the blue character that hosts the phone menu within the REVIVE UI concept. His name is taken from the Japanese for phone “Denwa”.

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