Clap Clap Trophy – Creative award design

Trophy design that applauds on demand.

Using the analogue animation technique of victorian “zoetrope” devices, the illusion of clapping hands is generated when the top is span and the viewer looks through the vertical slits.

Product Description

Bristol-based design consultancy Kinneir Dufort commissioned me to conceptualise, design and produce a unique trophy design to present to their team members in their annual review.

I wanted to create an award that said “well done” in a creative and interactive way.

By using rapid prototyping techniques and being super speedy with the design and sign-off process, we went from concept sketch, through part sourcing and 3D CAD design, to 10 finished and personalised awards in just over a week, in time for KD’s annual awards ceremony.

The black zoetrope top is 3D-printed and the wooden base CNC-machined from solid wood. The mechanics consist of a simple steel axel passing through a nylon-type bush-bearing, threaded on the bottom end so it can be fixed to the base with a locking-nut. The custom graphics where engraved onto the wood using KD’s in-house laser cutter..



To the original (unknown) creator of this 5-frame gif, which I remastered and printed inside the zoetrope top.

The creators of the SFX I used in the video : “electronic clap” by Teacoma & “crowd claps” by chimerical



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