Barcode USB cable tidies

Make your own little barcode whilst keeping your cables neat and tidy at the same time! *beep*

Product Description

Designed for EntreX Inc. (Tokyo, Japan)

Taking care of your cables
To prevent damage to your cables, wrap them loosely around the barcode.

How to wrap
It’s easy! Using the opening to the long slot on the bottom right of the product, thread one end of the cable into the slot and slide to the left. Wrap over the top, and repeat! The material is flexible so you can bend the bottom ‘arm’ out a little with your finger to make a bigger opening for winding.

What/How much cable?
Small Size : suited to most mp3 and phone earbud cords, and can hold up to a length of 980mm cable (based on 2.5mm diameter cable)
Large Size : suited to most USB computer cables, and can hold up to a length of 1700mm cable (based on 3mm diameter cable)

ABS plastic

Size & Weight
Small Size : 50 x 40 x 3mm / 5g (sold out)
Large Size : 80 x 63.5 x 3mm / 14g

Barcode USB cable tidies