Balloonado pop-up shop

Bringing my online shop to a physical space in Tokyo, with a lot of balloons, and a fan in each corner of the room blowing them around!

The third in a series of creative pop-up shops.

Product Description

Supported by
★ Stadler Form (Japan), who provided the stylish “Charley” fans.
★ Corona Extra (Japan), who supplied the launch event liquid refreshments.
★ Ishibashi-san of Entrex Inc, who helped me build the shop.
★ Honda-san of Salad Bowl, where the event was held.
★ Nozomi of Kaboomi Studio, who made tasty treats and nibbles for the launch event, and helped run the shop.

The concept didn’t work in reality exactly how I’d hoped due to lots of problems with airflow, static and helium balance. However, it was a huge achievement and milestone for me to get all of my products into a single, exclusive space for my first full, private exhibition as well as all-inclusive pop-up shop. Thanks to everyone that came to visit and check out my designs, you’re awesome!

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I’m planning to design more pop-up shops in the future, both for myself and for clients. Be first to hear about them by ‘like’ing on facebookfollowing on instagram & twitter, and signing-up to my email newsletter.

Balloonado pop-up shop