Freelance design work for Cara Technology to refresh AROXA™’s brand, graphics, packaging and product portfolio.

Our updated graphics champion the brand, simplify the messaging and modernise the look and feel of the products.

The new component portfolio improves flexibility and customisation in fulfilment, whilst reducing unique components to maximise efficiency.

This has expanded the AROXA™ range and market reach in existing industry sectors, and allowed significant growth into new ones.

Product Description

What’s a Flavour Standard?

In taste training sessions, professional tasters add the chemically constructed powders (that are held within the capsules) into test samples. Different flavours replicate particular tastes and smells, and are used to train testers in their detection.

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The Design

The AROXA™ logo was developed in parallel to the pack structure and and was designed to reflect the distinctive placement of capsules within the primary pack, creating an iconic and ownable identity.

The combination of both bespoke and off-the-shelf components enabled AROXA™ to provide premium products at an achievable cost, using combinations of interchangeable elements across the range.

Mock-up Credit

Tablet/iPhone mockups by denamorado (via Freepik)


I was heavily involved in the original development of AROXA™ whilst working at international consultancy Kinneir Dufort.