Aroxa (Original brand development and launch)

Development of the brand identity, graphics and structural packaging for AROXA™, a new name in the flavour standards industry.

Developed at Kinneir Dufort with the internal graphics, prototyping and visualisation teams for clients Cara Technology

Product Description

What’s a Flavour Standard?

In taste training sessions, professional tasters pour the chemically constructed powders (that are held within the capsules) into the test beverage. Different flavours replicate particular tastes and smells, and are used to train testers in their detection.

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The Design

The AROXA™ logo was developed in parallel to the pack structure and and was designed to reflect the distinctive placement of capsules within the primary pack, creating an iconic and ownable identity.

The combination of both bespoke and off-the-shelf components enabled AROXA™ to provide premium products at an achievable cost, using combinations of interchangeable elements across the range.

Kinneir Dufort

This was one of the design projects I was heavily involved in whilst working at international consultancy Kinneir Dufort in Bristol, UK. Here’s a few other of my KD projects :


Technical involvement

I project managed the sourcing and selecting of new external suppliers, producing specification documents, graphics, and technical drawings for a complex range of over 300 SKUs, spanning 6 market sectors and was responsible for the procurement and delivery of over 100,000 components.


Golden A’design Award winner (2012 – 2013) more info

Aroxa (Original brand development and launch)