52 weekends

The whole year, in 52 weeks.
Simple, neat, quick.

Product Description

Plan ahead, see what’s coming up and reflect on what you’ve done throughout the year with this 2024 calendar. Pin it, stick it or hang it up this wall calendar up for quick reference all year through.

Flexibility tends to be tied to specific days of the week. Spending time with friends and family might be only realistic on weekends, so that might be the only area you want to find gaps and make good use of the minimal time you have. Likewise with work, tuesday’s might be your best chance of getting stuff done, so this wallchart makes finding a free Tuesday super simple.

Plot important birthdays, anniversaries and holiday’s for your personal life, or deadlines and milestones for your job or business. Then have a better sense of how close your are to those dates.


With traditional month-to-view calendars (printed and digital), you can’t see the whole year at once, and key dates are only really “shown” in the active month you’re looking in (like “oh shit, Kevin’s birthday is next week!”). Full year wall planners tend to have months listed in a full line, vertically or horizontally, but also staggered to match days of the week, so it’s a confusing mess.

52-weekends” wall calendar is the tool we needed but couldn’t find on the market, so we made it.

A straight 52 weeks plotted in a single line represented the year in the purest form we could imagine.


Printed in England on 120gsm matt white paper
Supplied rolled (not-folded)

Version → VERTICAL
Size → 305mm x 1120mm (12.0″ x 44.0″)
Day flow → Across (left to right)
Individual day-box size → 35mm x 20mm (1.4″ x 0.8″)
Bulletnote circles → Yes

Size → 1,110mm x 191mm (43.7″ x 7.5″)
Day flow → Down (top to bottom)
Individual day-box size → 20mm x 20mm (0.8″ x 0.8″)
Bulletnote circles → No

52 weekends

£10.00 each
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£16.00 each
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