In 2013, Nozomi and I exhibited together at Design Festa, Tokyo. She runs Kaboomi Studio, a small facebook blog written in English and Japanese dedicated to sharing simple, cute, ‘lovely stuff’ everyday.

Nozomi has also been helping Duncan Shotton Design Studio on a contract basis, since 2012.

Initially, I needed her help with translation and organisation for my first product collaboration with a Japanese stationary company (still yet to launch). Since, as well as continuing to act as project co-ordinator for specific projects, she’s gradually proved herself very useful in other areas including photography, product assembly, online-shop management & fulfilment (including kickstarter), domestic & international sales, exhibitions, and japanese social media (

I’m very happy to introduce Nozomi as my first part-time member of staff and hope she enjoys it, I look forward to seeing how her role in the company, and how the studio, grows in the future.

日本語 LINK :
( 読者登録よろしくね!)