Rainbow Coasters

A set of glass coasters, printed with cross sections of a three dimensional rainbow.
When not in use, the stacked set creates the illusion of a full rainbow, suspended within it.

One-off set produced in response to the re-assemble brief set by Yamaha Design Studio London and keechdesign.


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A collaborative and conceptual design challenge, re-assemble brings together eight UK based creative designers / studios from different fields and backgrounds.

The challenge was to re-imagine ‘building blocks’, adding new experience values and bringing a unique and personal approach from each of the designers. Aimed to be a collaborative and engaging exploration into how we can still extract meaning and delight from even the most simple ‘childlike’ objects.

More info : re-assemble-london.com


The method of creating 3D imagery with 2D images on glass sheets is not new. Check out work by artist’s Xia Xiaowan & Leandro Erlich. 2D profiles stacked together layer by layer to become a 3D shape is the basis of how many 3D printers work too.

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Rainbow Coasters