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Customer Testimonials


“even more beautiful than I expected them to be” (real boy)
– Patty, USA

“Amazing. Thank you ! Great product.” (real boy)
– Carlos, France

“Fast shipping from across the seas…thank you for darling pin-boys!” (real boy)
– Nancy, USA

“I wish I had gotten more.  Great work.” (real boy)
– Dylan, USA

“I’m having a hard time letting them out of their box because they are packaged so handsomely.”(real boy)
– Kathy, USA

“Worth getting up at 5 in the morning for…for sure! Arrived quickly and well-packaged and as lovely as could be. Thank you!” (cloud keyholder)
– squirrelcollective, USA

“thank you for your delightful imagination” (real boy)
– Mark, USA

“one of the most thoughtful packages i’ve ever received” (cloud camera)
– Jean, USA

“It looks even better in the flesh than it does online” (cloud key holder)
– Rory, UK

“thank you for the beautiful cloud that arrived this morning and super fast delivery as well!” (cloud key holder)
– Dave, France

“It arrived and it’s ace!” (cloud key holder)
– Louise, Australia

“They are like teeny tiny works of art. Teeny tiny pieces of happiness.” (real boy)
– Karen, USA

“cloud that has changed my life” (cloud key holder)
– Tanja, Australia

“I absolutely love them and the package that arrived in the post was so adorable. I was so excited to see the cute stamps and stickers from Japan and even though these are a gift for someone else, opening the package was like a pressie for me 🙂 “ (real boy)
– Leyla, New Zealand