Masters for 2018

We have four more concrete design items due for launch before the end of the year, and in time for Christmas Gifts 2018! ^^

Three of them run along a theme of desk organisation/storage, and one’s a part for a project that we resisted doing for a long time because it is so difficult to make, but we decided to just do anyway!

We’ll be collaborating again with our friends “Qizhi“, the concrete artisan’s who cast each of our Moon Push Pins by hand in their Taiwanese workshop. The master forms you can see above have been prepared by us using a mixture of CNC machining, 3D printing and hand finishing techniques. Qizhi will use our masters to make silicon moulds from, and then use those moulds to cast concrete products into before sending them back to the UK for more hand finishing by us.

It’s been a pretty stressful year moving our lives and Japanese design studio to the UK. We’re now a British design studio!
We also had a baby in April, so he’s been keeping us on our toes too! It’s been a big effort to get new products developed for this year, so we hope you’re as excited to see them come to life as we are! ^^