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U.F.O soap pump

Alien spacecraft soap dispenser, complete with traction beam!
Comes with either human or cow, mid-abduction!
Add a bit of space to your kitchen or bathroom space!

Cow/blue type currently out of stock.

Beam me up soapy!

Simply push down on the spaceship hull to dispense a perfect portion of soap to scrub your hands or detergent to clean your dishes.

Designed in collaboration with EntreX Inc. (Tokyo, Japan)

Photography by Kaboomi Studio (Tokyo, Japan)


People always suspect the existence of advanced alien technology, but as it turns out, it's pretty straight forward! The UFO top simply pulls on and off the bottle (with a satisfying *click* to confirm it's attached). Once the UFO's been removed, the pump-mechanism can be screwed off and the bottle filled (and refilled time after time) with washing-up liquid/detergent, hand soap, shampoo, etc. A clear, colourless liquid looks best! The product comes unfilled.


Plastic - ABS (UFO), Silicon (nozzle), PETE (box, bottle), PP (figure, pump-parts, figure-to-tube connector), LDPE (pump tube)

Size & Weight

U.F.O soap pump : 112 x 112 x 222mm / 114g
In packaging : 115 x 115 x 229mm / 215g



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UFO soap pump - yellow/human

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