Soy Shape

Take your sushi eating experience and food presentation to the next dimension with these soy sauce dipping dishes. Taking advantage of the natural colour gradation that occurs in soy sauce at shallow depths, they to give the illusion of three-dimensional shapes once filled.

There are two dish-types, impossible 'triangle' & 'cubes'.

Available in either simple boxes or in 1 of 77 limited edition hand-signed and serial numbered “slide-boxes”.
All pack types contain a set of 2 matching dishes.

Product Description

Dishes per box : 2 matching dishes in either standard or limited box
Size (Triangle) : 88mm x 77mm x 11mm
Size (Cubes) : 88.5mm x 78mm x 11mm
Standard Box : 127mm x 120mm x 39mm
Limited Edition Slide Box : 210mm x 101mm x 16mm
Material : Japan-grade ceramic (Hakuji)
Made in : Gifu, Japan
Do they stack? : Yes, (any combination of Triangle or Cubes dishes)

Soy Shape

£25.00 each
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£30.00 each
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  • 01_duncan-shotton_soy-shape_triangle_animated
  • 02_duncan-shotton_soy-shape_cubes_animated
  • 03_duncan-shotton_soy-shape_magic
  • 04_duncan-shotton_soy-shape_trisushi
  • 05_duncan-shotton_soy-shape_cubes_angle_soy-sauce
  • 06_duncan-shotton_soy-shape_sushi_square_hero
  • 10_duncan-shotton_soy-shape_box_paper
  • 11_duncan-shotton_soy-shape_reverse
  • 12_duncan-shotton_soy-shape_standard-box
  • 07_duncan-shotton_soy-shape_limited-edition_signed_packaging
  • 08_duncan-shotton_soy-shape_limited-edition_handmade_packaging
  • 09_duncan-shotton_soy-shape_ltd-ed-box

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