Planet Pins

Hand-painted solar system stationery & hand cast concrete moons, now funding on kickstarter.

We need to raise £10,921 on kickstarter to give this project the launch it deserves. Our kickstarter backers will be the first to receive these products (June).
Assuming the campaign is a success, we hope to offer Planet Pins and Moon pins via this page as pre-orders from May 16th (for shipping around end of July).

Product Description

Hold a tiny piece of the universe in the palm of your hand with this unique set of planet push pins. Add a bit of outer-space to your home & office space!

The 8 planet shapes are moulded in the UK over german-made, black steel pins, then sent to Tokyo where they are painstakingly brush painted by hand (by us!) and assembled into their serial-numbered, polished-acrylic display cases.

Also available are single Moon pins, lightly “cratered” and cast by hand in concrete by our friends in Taiwan> They are then assembled by us in Tokyo into their display-cases which feature a tiny and super cute flag of the USA, as if pierced into the moons surface in it’s iconic position.

Size & Weight
Planet Pins in display case = 60 x 60 x 74 mm / 44g (8 pins per pack)
The Moon concrete push-pin in display case = 44 x 25 x 14 mm / 7g
Pin diameter = 0.85 mm
Average exposed pin length = 21.2 mm
Smallest pin-head diameter : 4.3 mm (Mercury)
Largest pin-head diameter : 12.25 mm (Jupiter)
Moon pin-head diameter : 7.35 mm

Country of manufacture
Product of Japan

This product contains small, sharp parts.
Please use with care and store out of the reach of children.
Please use pins for attaching paper materials to corkboard only.
Please apply force in parallel with the pin when inserting or removing pin to prevent the product from bending or breaking.