fake news (themed set)

This set contains :

• 1 x U.F.O Soap Pump (Blue, Cow)
• 1 x Newspaper Tea Towel
• 1 x Pack of Nessie Push Pins
• 1 x FREE Mars Sticky Page Markers

Product Description

In honour of all the #FakeNews talk of 2017, we thought we’d put together a themed Christmas Gift Box to celebrate! ^^
Of course, all the cool people know that aliens are real, UFO’s regularly abduct humans & cows for experiments, and that the loch ness monster exists, but some people will still call this fake news!

Buying as a ‘set’ makes shipping cheaper than buying as individual items.
If you want to buy this set but want to substitute a product for another version of the same product (different colour etc..), please get in touch before placing your order.

* limited availability *

fake news (themed set)


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