PAC-MAN™ animated card cases

We’ve designed a custom PAC-MAN version of our Animated Card Cases for Tokyo-Pixel, our favourite Japanese brand of everything 8-bit!

As you slide off the cover of the card case to get to your name cards, the retro pixelated PAC-MAN™ character animates, appearing to chomp on “Pac-Dots”, just as he’s been doing ever since the classic arcade game was released back in 1980.

We had fun designing the packaging too, which features PAC-MAN & “Blinky Shadow” (the red ghost), mid card exchange.

The bold graphic style of PAC-MAN worked great with our creative business card holder design, and we were so happy to collaborate with Japanese designer Mr.Oozu (pronounced oh-zoo), the super cool guy behind the the Tokyo-Pixel brand.

PAC-MAN™ animated card case will be on sale from the 12th~21st of August at the PAC-MAN™ GINZA STYLE event at Mitsukoshi department store in Tokyo, and can also be purchased (in Japan, in Japanese) directly from the Tokyo-Pixel online store.

If you’re not in Japan, but are interested in getting hold of a badass PAC-MAN card case for yourself, please get in touch, and we’ll do our best to sort you out! ^^