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Recently, I’ve been interviewed by a number of blogs which delve a little deeper into my life and my work. In case you didn’t catch them on Facebook or Twitter, we’ve rounded them up here as a tidy news article, so if you’re interested, please have a read :

  • Mijlo (Risk, luck, favourite thing)
  • Brunel (Design awards, Real Boys, the problem with outsourcing)
  • FAQD (Tokyo, giant robots, pipeline projects)
  • Ibraheem Youssef (Earliest creative activity, allergies, favourite websites)
  • Mental Utensil (University, unpaid labour, product design in Japan)
  • Ohh Deer (World domination, A little b*stard, Bish, Bash, Bosh.
  • Lost At E Minor (Rainbows, before, during & after)